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ilia asked 5 years ago

I try to load my Modules in lazy loading way.
so i i did the next in my routes.ts file:

export const LoginRoutes: Route[] = [
path: 'login',
loadChildren: "app/login/login.module#LoginModule"

when i run “gulp” to build the project it works great!!! the problem is when i run “gulp“!! in the end of the build process i get only one app.js main file and when i try to load my project to browser and reach login page it throw an error (it doesn’t recognize it)
how can i make this lazy loading thing to work in production???

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admin Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Ilia 🙂
Lazy loading is not configured yet in the theme. 
You can try Angular CLI for it.

ilia replied 5 years ago

hi again:)
will lazy loading feature be added in the future?

ilia replied 5 years ago